Skeuomorphic Design

Adventure Theme

For this project, I want to try to make Skeuomorphic design game kind of game like Heartstone or Diablo. The theme design is adventure and dungeon because I want this to link to the propose of this game which is to trail around the Cathedral taking the user to point of interest and information. The user also have the mini game of each point of interest and colloect the clues to solves the mysteries of the Cathedral. I think Skeumorpic design really help the users understand the purpose of this game almost immediately.


Rock Font Effect

let's rock n roll

The font that I use is called Enchanted Land Regular and I choose to use this font because it is a old style font. I also like the design of a uppercase letter "A" which give the body to the interface.


A proof of concept

Adventure Time

Overall, my team have a video to show how the game work but my designs are not in the video because I finish it after they make the video. However, we though that my design can go on the startscreen to build the excited feeling of players.



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