The requirement of this module is to select a brief from RSA website ( and then I have to develop ideas to achieve the requirements set. I decided to choose a project called #HackOnWheels which the task is to design a wheelchair of the future for the #HackOnWheels library of open source designs. I wanted to work on this project because it is the 3D design which I want to do from the start and I like to help out disable people. The competition opens on January 18th, 2017 which I have about two months when I write this proposal. There are two following areas which are “Want Your Wheels” and “Wear Your Wheels”. I was asked to conceive, design and develop a response that broadly fits addresses on of the two following areas.

Judging Criteria

There are six criteria that I have to work on which are Social and environmental benefit, Research and insights, Design thinking, Commercial awareness, Execution and Magic.

Submission Requirements

There are four requirements and two optional requirements that I have to submit after the opening competition. The first one is to produce a A3 PDF Hero image (poster image) with one sentence description. The second requirement is to describe my “Big Idea” in less than 250 words on a A3 PDF. I have to explain clearly what the solution is and how I come out with the solution. The third requirement is write four pages describing my proposal and proof that I have met the six judging criteria. The last requirement is printed out up to ten pages of supporting material such as sketches and 3D design and development process. The other two optional requirement are CAD files to add to the #HackOnWheels library and Youtube / Vimeo link

My First Idea

My Ideas First of all, I did a little bit of research about wheelchair users and I found the World Health Organisation estimates that although 65 million people in the world need to use a wheelchair but only 13 million have access to one that meets their needs. In the nutshell, that was only one person from five people that like their wheelchair which I think it is very low. As a result, I continue to research about what are the problems and why they hate their own wheelchair?. There are many problems and to summing it up, I came up with three main problems indicate that I can find the solution and design it on my wheelchair. In addition, I draw a sketch of wheelchair which display what are the special features such as comfortable seat, easy to install, have a brain and heart sensor and voice control. After I finished doing my first design sketches, I decided to do the research on my competitors or products that are similar to the one that I design. It turned out that there are a few of them on the market, however, they are very expensive because it makes out of very good material like Black Carbon which make the wheelchair lighter than the normal cheap wheelchair.

In the end, I throw my first idea in the bin and try to start with another idea that does not cost a lot of money to make. There are many poor people around the world that need wheelchair especially the undevelopment countries as some people do not even have money to buy one wheelchair.


On the way of me finding ideas on the internet, I found one article the title stated “Wheelchair users more at risk when crossing roads” and the very first sentence of the article stated “Pedestrian wheelchair users in the US are 30% more likely to be killed in road traffic collisions than the general public.”. This is because wheelchair users are a lot more susceptible than people on foot for a number of reasons. First, since wheelchair users sit making them lower than people who are standing so they are more difficult to see. Another reason that I found is that wheelchair users required flat and unobstructed sideway while walkers are able to walk over obstacles easily. At my best guess, at nighttime, the percentage will be more likely higher than daytime. As a result, I want to come up with a design that will prevent pedestrian wheelchair users from road traffic collisions.

Final Idea

My final design idea will be to design wheelchair’s caster which will produce the light when the caster spin (I will be explain more into this on the next paragraph). The caster will be produced by 3D printer that will help cutting a lot of cost. I will be using 3D softwares such as Maya and Cinema 4D to create the design prototype.

The two images below this paragraph are my sketches that describe how caster will be able generate the light. I was thinking of using the Spin Generator/Electric Motors so, as the castor rotate continuously the generator produces the electricity to sent to light bulbs that are located inside the castor wheels.

Hero Image

Big Summary

Boards Outlining the Proposal



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