The brief for this project is to create a digital representation of Hyde Abbey in a 3D application. It will involve researching a typical Benedictine monastic complex and monastic lifestyle in order to recreate the abbey as authentically as possible. I was focused on the 3D modelling on the interior as this, I felt, is something that I capable and excited to work on. On the later time, I decide I want to work the actually modeling of the bakery house instead of interior design.

As a team, before doing any research, we began to go down see what is actually look like of the Hyde Abbey in Winchester. We took some images from the board information which I think to get some research on.


The only remains from the Hyde Abbey is the Abbey gatehouse. Hyde abbey was eventually destroyed in 1537 by Henry the Eighth’s men. Stood from 1110-1537. Most of the house in medieval time are half wood and half stone which is also depending on the wealth of the person, some would have their houses half timbered. Some homes in 1500s had thatched roofs with thick straw, which was piled high and had no wood underneath. Barns consisted of a stone exterior, divided into nave and aisles either by wooden posts or by stone piers.



I have made a moodboard to give me the guide to follow the images that I found. The images that I found are the building around 10th - 15th century which is the medieval time. Some house were consist of half stone and haft wood. However, most of them had the wood structure that go around the building.



After I had some inspiration from my moodboard, I started to begin sketching my ideas down. I was think of doing a full stone house and half stone as well.


Modeling in Maya

The picture on the left is my first modeling for the bakery house. I followed the sketch that I made. The process of modeling this is to use a lot of cubes and extrude to make into the shape that I want. However, I realised that I should not make the round window because Paul had mention me about these kind of window might did not exist at the medieval time. As a result, I went back to my moodboard and drawing new sketch which I will show you in the next part.


Second Design Modeling

This new bakery house were similar to my first one, however, I took the round window out and make it into flat windows. For texture and render, I used the software called Keyshot to rendering and take the screen shot of my finishing model.




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