The purpose of this report is to identify innovative ways in which we can reduce food wastage. At the start of the project we were given a brief by IBM that told us to design an innovative solution to help combat some of the issues of food wastage. They are looking for a PDF of our completed work which describes the problem you solved, the research you undertook, your experimentation and your final design.

In this project, we have decided to focus on Schools/colleges and how they could combat the problems of food wastage. It is believed that around 11% of the total UK food waste is produced by schools or colleges, although this is not the section with the largest amount of food wastage, we still feel that it can be significantly reduced. Within the brief it states that the two main reasons of why food is wasted is due to cooking too much or simply not using it in time. Poor knowledge of storage is likely to be a contributing factor as most households do not know how to properly store fresh food. These are two very important reasons and are our main focus when working on this project.

Brainstorm & Initial Ideas

My team started to brainstorm our ideas together so we could collaboratively share our thoughts on what to create for this project. Initially throwing around ideas like an animation/video that educated students on the food wastage problem and how to solve it or a video game that was based around reducing food wastage with students as the target audience. However, as a group we narrowed it down to the three ideas we thought would be most successful and were backed by the research we conducted.


Final idea & Moodboard

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we got was that we were focusing too much on making something to reduce food wastage, and were told that we could focus on making something to educate people from the schools or colleges on food waste, this is something we are now trying to incorporate into our ideas. As a result, our final idea is to create educational application for the student at school to learn what is food wastage and how is that effect people around the world. I researched into other educational application that are on the market and I found out that most of them have cartoon character to create the connection to their audience which are the young student. Also, most of them use colours that are very eyes catchy.


UI sketches and character design

This is another idea which is more into educate student not to waste food. It is the application on iPad which the students have it with them in class. There are four sections which are article, video, quiz challenge and reward. For article and video section, the application provide the platform for teachers to publish interesting articles or videos about food wastage then students are able to read it anytime. The quiz challenge is the test for students to measure how much they have learn. After answering all the questions, the result will show up then the result will be converted into “point reward” which will be add up in reward section.

Character Design in Illustrator

The character design is created to promote the branding of the application. This is the first initial sketch of the character which is going to be a carrot to represent the food that being waste. The sketch then turn into the character that created in Illustrator. However, we want to develop more in term of design such as colour, body shape and characteristic.

Branding and Logo Design

As a group, we decided to name this teaching aid “Waste Matters”. We had try several type of fonts which could be use for the name. In the end, we decided to use the font called “Sugarpunch” because that is what we have used in the UI design and also it is easy to read.

Colour Scheme and UI Design

My first colour scheme is on the cool side of colour scheme. However, my team had done research of Psychological studies, first conducted by advertising firms, suggest that colors can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body and even affect young teenager health. As a result, we follow the research to using warm colour tone to produce the maximum learning portential.

Final UI Design and PDF Submittion



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