Startscreen Design Improvement

It's easier than I thought!

For the logo of the game, my decided to use the atomic model as our logo because the ideas of the game is based on science and Maths. As you can see from this picture, there are many developing happen such as knowing the title should be bigger than "press any key". Also, I started to put some colours to make it more exciting.


Startscreen Final Design

Exiting Game!

Some people might say the title screen is not important because there is nothing to entertain the players. However, we think the title screen is one of the aspects in the game because title screen is the first thing the gamer sees. The design inspiration is coming from old school game such as Super Mario Bros.


Pixel Art

Colours and Shading!

Black and white was going to be boring design. As a result, I put more elements into the design and change everything to colour except the background. Shading is very important as well because it create depth and gives more value to the piece of art




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