Skeuomorphic Design

But, it doesn't work

This is my first design interface idea using luxury colours such as gold and brown. I made the MIM which is the logo name for this interactive menu. In photoshop, I made it 3D using Bevel & Emboss in Layer Style. In the end, I felt like the design is a bit unpresentable becuase the font is too hard to read and the pattern on the background can make the user feel uncomfortable.


Flat Design


For the second design idea, I came up with flat design but I put a little twist on the font colours. I used the food images inside the font to link to the propose of making this menu. I also change the font-family to generate more comfortable reading. The font that I use is called Glacial Indifference Bold.


Food Logo

Pictures describe the word

For cocktails, I painted each lines in different colours giving the idea tha different cocktails have difference colours. For wines, starters and mains, I used the images to describe the title meaning. Last one which is dessert, the colours that I used are white and milk chcolate which again define the meaning of dessert.




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