I love photography, filming, vidoe editing and graphic design. When I was on holiday in Thailand, I decided to try find a workplacement online and I found this English tutor company that run by Miss Por who just start teaching English for business man or adult that want to improve their English. I am interested to work with her because English is my second language and I believe that I could help people who want to become good at English. My role is to film each lecture and after that I need to edit the video into 3 minutes and 1 minute which is going to be posted on Facebook and Instagram. My contract is one month of a half and I was able to create some several videos and two promotion flyers which will be given in public.



For reseach, I had look at the discount flyer/post on Pinterest. I found the inspiration from Sur La Table and what I like about their design is the discout is big and bold and information is really easy to understand. There is no second thought and confusion in term of condition. If I could be able make my design easy to understand and be honest to the reader I think it will easily grab a lot of demand from social media.


I had made these three sketches from Illustrator. I use the research that I found to support the sketch ideas. Before I made the actual design on Illustrator, I gave these sketches to my client to tell them my ideas and whether which three of these sketches they like the most. In the end, it's been decided that my client want me to go on the second sketch as it will give more space to put informations.

Final Outcomes

Option 1

Option 2

Let's talk about a flyer that I made, the purpose of this flyer is promote the discount for that particular day. I was told that the colour palette need to have blue and red because of British Flag that is on her logo. Also, the logo and contact need to be in there as well. The font that I use should be easy to read and modern font.

Now come to different options design I get, as you see above, I have two shade of blue design. One is light blue and another one is dark blue which is nearly purple to me. I sent my client, Miss Por, the first option. The feedback, I got was she love the font and structure of my text alignment. However, she does not like the blue colour that I choose because it's a totally different from the British blue flag colour. As a result, I use the same colour code as logo which she is really happy about the result.

This is a second flyer that I design which is another promation. I decided to keep the colour palette to be the same as my previous flyer. The structure is also pretty similar, however, I took away the orange bar because I believe it will look much better to have whole flyer in one backgroud colour that is blue. The artwork at the bottom is coming from one of the intern that work together with me which really push up the story of this flyer.

My client is really appreciate the time consistant that I had spend on this. She was really happy first time she saw it and directly post it on Facebook page. The result is great. There are customers interested to join learning English.

Link to this flyer on Facebook page click here

Filming and Post Production

While I was working with KruPor for one and a half month. I film and edit 3 class videos, 2 outdoor videos and 3 parts of English Survey series. I also took more than 500 pictures which posted on Facebook. All of these videos, I film it myself and also edited myself. As a result, I know what is going on each video sequence. I use Premiere Pro to seperate and cut some scenes that is no need. Then, use Aftereffect to insert effect into the video. Some videos took me about 1-2 days in post-production which normally are the class video. However, the outdoor trip and series videos were tooking me nearly 2 weeks to edited everything. This is because the video was record the whole day which mean there will be a lot of action which mean more time to edited. Colour grading is very difficult as well because each place we went the light and shadow change. The solution is I used Youtube to learn how to colour grading like professional. In the end, I was really happy with all the video that I produced and I hope I could be able to improve even more in the future.

If you want to see the rest of the videos that I made while I was working with English Inspried by KruPor click here



If you wish to contact me and say hello or give me feedback you can reach me at assavadejmetakul@gmail.com


This is the CV that I create for my future career which I will be update it very semester of the university. Click here to have a look at my CV