When I was in Thailand for summer, I had met Mr. Roman who was going to open beer business in Thailand. The beer is called Ladybrau and their mission is to provide high-quality craft beer and related products to Thailand's beer lovers by using real German craftsmanship and ingredients without compromises. Also, it has to be "the best German beer in Thailand!". I love drinking beer and I have no second thought about joining this company. He invited me to help him produce flyers, posters and video to promote on different platforms such as Facebook, public poster, survey and business invitation letter. Before start working, I have a lot of confident and open minded to any task given to me, even though, the project is really difficult. I love to try something new and always listen to my client, Mr. Roman, the feedback after the project is completed.




This is the first project that given to redesign a flyer which tell the meaning behind name of the beer. I got the message that the design need to be black and white but they want me to realign the structure of the original flyer.

I came up with idea by instead using a circle to highlight the word "BRAU" and "BAVARIA", I used line to sperate them and change the text alignment to left which make it easy to read. I also put some picture of the beer to link with informations. Overall, my client is very happy with the result of the change. After this project, I had continued create other flyers such as...

Filming and Post Production

The video that you see at the top is before I am going back to Uk for another in University, I had give a task to attend the beer open day party and I have to film and take photo of all visitors coming to test the beer. On that day, I found myself did not have enough gear to support the quality of my video and photo. It was because inside the pub is really dark and I did not bring any external flash or soft box light which mean the only flash that I am getting is from my camera. Over all, the video looks pretty alright and my client is really happy about it. The video is then posted on their Facebook page and it's getting a lot of like which make me really happy.



If you wish to contact me and say hello or give me feedback you can reach me at assavadejmetakul@gmail.com


This is the CV that I create for my future career which I will be update it very semester of the university. Click here to have a look at my CV