The brief for this project was to create look, feel and creation of a medieval ambience for a performer to convey information and visuals pertaining to the Hyde900 Lost Minster Website, provided by the English Project Purposes:

  1. To create 13 short videos to match the History of Hyde Abbey videos created by Nigel Bradshaw in the role of Abbot Aston.
  2. To green-shoot an introduction by King Alfred, 11 statements by Tapster Harry Bailey, and a conclusion by William Shakespeare.
  3. To provide a first level oral introduction to the subject
  4. To provide jump-offs to short textual expositions that in turn provide click-ons to full-length textual expositions, further readings, references and bibliographies.

Our team need to film and produce 11 green screen clip set in a medieval tavern. After filming, we need to edit them and add backgrounds in Post Production. The videos will then be use to create a fully interactive experience for the web, including links to extra information. Before we could get started on any form of recording and editing we had to be trained in the equipment and the environment.

In the studio, I am operated my own secondary camera and doing slate filming.

Post Production


After we fnished filming all the scripts from studio, we started post-production as we divided the tasks which one of them I am in role of design the title video.

Because the mood of videos are in medieval time period which mean the title video need look old and music should be a bit scary and dark theme. I done a little of searching online on history from 5th to the 15th century but nothing really gave me any idea. Suddenly, maybe this is because I am a little bit of Harry Potter fan and I remember Harry Potter Marauder's Map. As a result, I was thinking maybe the background can be old texture paper and the footprint animation would be perfect giving a little magic spell into the videos.

Green Screen

First, we used effect called Linear Color Key to remove the green screen and added the background we decided to use. However, there are still a large amount of grain around Chris and slight transparencies in his face due to green light spilling onto him. (left image). As a result, we need to change find the solution to solve this green screen leaking.

Remove green screen with Linear Key effect

Remove green screen with Keylight effect

Finally, we had a solution for our problem. We found out the effect called Keylight which is going to removes the green from the video, revealing the background. There are two more effects called Key Cleaner which is going fills in some of the sharp edges around the body and flickering around the hair and Advanced Spill Suppressor which is going to removes the green from the subject after the fact so the ‘Keylight’ effect doesn't make Chris transparent.

Video Title

I used the effect called Apply to the paper background to make image dimmer and harsher. Darken the overall look.

Font - PfefferMediaeval

This font gave the video intro’s a bold and medieval feel that we felt was perfect for these videos.

Footprint Animation

The idea of this animation is coming from my favourite movie, Harry Potter. I made this footprint on Illustrator and then export it to Aftereffect. Below is the instruction of how I create this animation on Aftereffect.

  1. Precompose the Footprint image
  2. Use effects : “Fill” to change to color to dark brown and “Roughen Edges” to make it look like ink drop on the paper
  3. Make a solid layer and change color to gray
  4. Put effect called “Fractal Noise”. Then increase the contrast and brightness and decrease the scale
  5. Go to Footprint layer and change TrkMat to Luma Matt to make smoky Footprint
  6. Now to make the Animation, go to Fractal Noise key 100% Brightness at 0 second and 3 seconds later up Brightness to 100%. This will make the smoky fade away animation.


On the presentation day, we were given some feedback from Paul and our client, Christopher Mulvey. Paul was really happy with the title page and my footprint animation. We told our client that there are a few issue when we want to remove green screen and we did find the best solution. In the end, Christ was really thanks us to complelte this task.



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