My plans for the future is to have a job that I love to do everyday with a good salary which can support my bills and save some for the future. For the past two year studying in university, many people asked me what is my dream job, what position I want to do and have I try to contact them yet. My answer was always a bit unclarified sometimes as I felt like there are so many things I still want to touch and experience.

What I like to do...

  • (Main) Photography: Landscape, black & white
  • Camera: DSLR and Rangefinder
  • Traveling
  • Eating

Self Promoted

The effective strategies to promote myself right now is to constantly post something on social media everyday because they might be interested in many time. Sharing interesting articles or videos can be another strategy for me to have the conversation with people in the community, as well as, they can share it to their friends or tag if they enjoy it. Also, I am making sure that always keep in touch with them even though they not talking me first. After I get more than 300 followers and likes on both Instagram and Facebook, I want to try using promote function to reach even more people.


My logo

Before I created my social media, I began to design my own logo to post it in the profile picture. I opened up Illustrator and started with the name "BOON NARATHIP" which is the combination of my nickname and first name. However, I changed to "BOON DESIGN" becasue I felt that the first name was not really relate to what I actually want to do you which is a designer. It was more into promote my name than what I want to do so I decided to think of another name. I came up with "BOON Design" because the world "Design" describe what I am and Boon is my name which indicate that Boon is a designer.

Business Card

The design of my business is very simple and I want it to convey the overall image of your business. The size of the card is 2 inches by 3.5 inches. I can't expect the business card to tell the whole story about my job. What I consider doing is to present it professional so people will remember. I used only one front which is called Baskerville both simibold and italic which is easily readable. I used warm colour like yellow to make my business card stand out. Logo is very important for this business which I make it the largest element on the card.


My facebook page called "Boon_designer"and I started making this page in the middle of January, 2017. I want to use Facebook to promote my design work that I produced in the past. I also posted a lot of camera and lences video that I love to watch on Youtube as sharing will be great for my followers to understand more about camera.



Another social media that I use to promote myself is Instagram. Before this campaign start, I did not really go on Instagram much but more into Facebook. In additon, I did not have many followers like people that use it for many years. I am aiming to get more than 100 followers in two months. However, I already past 100 followers but I also lose some followers by the time because some of them using bot. In my perspective, Instagram is a good application for postinng my photograph collection and also trying to branding myself.



From what my competitors have for their consumers, it came clear to my mind that I also want to create blog section inside my portfolio website. I have been living aboard for nearly 10 years and I capture many beautiful places I went using my camera. I want to share my story with people combine with my photos to sent picture inside reader's mind. However, writing a storyline blog need to have layout time and date which have to match with photos. I was thinking to start doing it in the middle of February, however before that moment come sharing my experience using DSLR camera, comparing between two different camera models and essential digital camera tips & tricks.

I was behind putting this website online because I feel like I do not have enough content such as photos and article blog. However, I publish the website online on the beginning of March and promote it very frequently on Facebook page and Instagram. As a result, in March, the traffic overview was going pretty good as I got 27 visits, 60 page views and 16 audience size. I am very busy with university assessment after the End of Year show which mean I will be posting only once a week or twice.After that, I should be able to post more photos that I took around UK and some from my home country.


Most of my audiences are coming from Instagram. The feedbacks are really good and they want to see more work from me. The logo that I made for myself was posted and the comment that I got make me feel more confident that this is going to be my primary logo. Most of my audience like my photography work.

Overall, I believe this module is going to help me in a long term perspective which I was able to successfully start my own social media and there are people that are interested to see more post in the future. I am definitely going to keep working on this campaign because over the summer, I am going back to Thailand and also I will be traveling in Japan and Hong Kong. As a result, there will be more contents and photos in the future. There are some difficult time in this module, however, I thought it was just a beginning of hard time to quickly promote myself.



If you wish to contact me and say hello or give me feedback you can reach me at


This is the CV that I create for my future career which I will be update it very semester of the university. Click here to have a look at my CV