In the first month of the second semester, I had a chance to work with a music record studio called Splendid Fred which produces music and spoken-word label based at the University of Winchester, actively promotes positive values and thinking for students, staff, and the wider community. My job is to produce a music video with my passion to create the positive, memorable and long-lasting impact to every person who watches. The video needed to finish in two weeks and the video will be shown in MULTI-MEDIA ART EXHIBITION (Saturday 3 February 3-10pm)


This is the original video that studio label had put on YouTube. What I learn from watching the original video is that the video does not have much impact on the lyrics of the song. I had set the objective myself to create 100% music video with the well-placed shot to fits each lyric and not just one single shot for the whole video. The story should be gripping and further emphasize the feelings provoked by the lyrics/melody.

Who Are You Speaking To?

The music is about the arrogance and haste in today's society. I did a little bit of research on this and found an article from Burlington County Times which explain clearly that there are many people who truly believe their opinions are facts and cannot respect others’. This is a major problem with our world today. I believe this music is speaking to every person who tends to bottle things up until they have pushed to their limits which is not a healthy thing to do because they will find themselves feel this heavy burden and a lot of stress. The music also speaks to students who hang onto their problem/believe and cannot let it go. This problem can be found in all types of people, in all different walks and stages of life.

Core message & approach

The core message for video content is to give a message to people who do or might suffer the arrogance in the stage of life. The message is to learn that the world does not revolve around them. If you don’t get what you want, don’t go and sulk about it. Move on with your day. You don’t need to hold grudges and bring everyone down with you in your miserable state. For people who never have this problem but might have in the future, the video can give them the feeling of stress and haste of what is it like to stuck on this type of situation and hope they can avoid it. Here is the reference video for this core message title "Think of Yourself Less" by Jason Meyer.

Where Will it Be Watched?

The video was shown to people first at MULTI-MEDIA ART EXHIBITION at Winchester University. After that, it got published in studio's YouTube channel and website.

What's Your Deadline and Budget?

This is a very rush project as the video need to finish before the exhibition start which on Saturday 3 February and the project was given to me only 2 weeks before the deadline. Time is not a problem but the budget is. I was given zero budget to make this video but luckily I can loan extra gears from the Multi-Media center at university which save a lot of my money if I need to buy extra tripod and others.

Research (Lyric video VS Music video)

Just a little bit of research before I start doing anything about this video. First, I was choosing between making only one scene(slow motion/time-lapse) with subtitle or video with lots of shots follow the song lyric. The reason why I might choose the first choice is that the deadline is very short and no budget and to produce the video like that can be done in a few days. However, there will be no different from the original video which I don't really want. I came to think to create lyric video which does not need any budget. In the end, it was a really hard decision to choose whether to choose lyric video or music video.

Good and Bad in lyric video

An article from Lifewire has explain what is a lyric video and how it become so popular in music industry. One of the problems to produce lyric video is the budgets usually aren't huge, and the turn around is usually pretty quick but for something that usually has no expenses in making it (depending on how you design it of course). Secondly, it's also a field that is booming right now, more and more bands and labels releasing lyric videos. This can be my fun little projects, go in with an animation style in Aftereffect but there are only two weeks to finish. Creative is key to lyric videos which cannot should take sometimes to create the final video. An interesting fact is that lyric video normal released before music video because it gives artists another bit of fuel to get their song to the top. Plus, it's something extra for fans as they wait for the full video. However, in case of Someday, the song had already released on YouTube and website. Also, in the original video, there is already a lyric on the bottom of the screen. As a result, I feel a little pointless to make similar content as the original video which had released a long time ago which could lead to less audience with another lyric video.

Good and Bad in music video

An article from RedBird which simply taking about the pro, con and cost of video marketing seem to give me a lot of motivation to make music video. The pro of produce music video has met my objective for the project which is not only does video give the viewer a better experience of the song, it gets the artist more popularity and meaning to the song. The cost might be issue but I can loan extra gears which is not a problem. However, video could be misleading to the viewver which could mean one thing but look something different that gives them a bad image. For this reason, I need to avoid any bad shot that might create bad image for my client.

Overall, I would rather make music video than lyric video as I think it would be a good way to show my skills. I also find music and expressing my emotions about the song would be fun to do. However, there will be issues, such as I will want to use a specific place but won't be able to get it. It also will be late and hard to get actors and actresses to do the video. Adding bad effects and look unprofessional could cause misleading as well. To be able to avoid misleading, I had a regular contact with the leader of the studio which gives me feedback which shot should I change or keep.

Let's the work begin!


I started simply with writing the proposal of the video and brainstorm what could be possible to shoot with each line of lyrics. I also made the storyboard which describes how I set from one scene to another. The storyboards were needed in only some of the lyrics which need to have an actor to emphasize the story. For the other scenes, it would likely to be filmed outside by myself but I will keep looking back to my proposal document.

My Gears

Filming Time!

Time Management

Brainstorm 3 days
Filming 6 days
Editing and finishing 5 days

After three days of brainstorm and storyboard of the video, it came to only 11 days left until the deadline and I could not find any actor. Also, the weather at that time is not really pleasant to shoot at the ST Catherine's Hill. I felt like there is no time to be panic so I went go with my gears and start collecting footages that I plan in the storyboard. If the weather is not alright, I had a chance to do it indoor as some scene need to shoot in the room. Friday and Saturday are not the best days to do filming because I had to work on my part-time.


Let's talk about inspiration. I am a person who likes narrative-based music video which contains mostly footage that attempts to tell a story through the moving image. Some Day is the song that would fit this type of music video as the lyric needs to be explained in the story to be able to understand.

The example of the narrative music video that I like is 'Dance, Dance' by Fall Out Boy. In this music video, the story is about a couple going to a high school dance and see each of the band members at the dance with individual stories. The narrative matches the lyrics here as the song is called 'Dance, Dance' and the video is set at a dance.

Another good example of the narrative music video is called '6/10' by Dodie. The story is about depression, anxiety, anger, etc. The girl in the story has these feeling and rate on a scale 6/10 as she is saying she is mentally ill and not entirely happy. The story can also be related to girls around the world which focus on the large audience.

My video setting

For the past experience that I film with my Canon 80D, I prefer to go manual. Yes, auto can be convenient, but if you leave settings in auto, your image could change unexpectedly while recording, and that can result in the unusable footage. For shutter speed, I always keep it 1/50 and 23.98 fps as that's the same rate used by most filmmakers. For Picture Style, I choose to go with "Neutral" because I do plan to manipulate the look in post with Adobe Aftereffect so I want my image to be as flat as possible. One last thing, image stabilization need to be on as I don't want any shaking video to edit.

Rule of third in my video

In every footage of my video, I want to keep the rule of third in mind all the time which as I do not just help my video to look more interesting but it also draws the viewer's eye into the composition, instead of just glancing at the center.

Final Day of Filming

In my last day of filming, I had collected all the footage that I need and ready to do some editing. However, if there were any case that I want to retake something, it needed to be done really fast as I don't have much time to do any filming.

Post Production

Time Management

Brainstorm 3 days
Filming 6 days
Editing and finishing 5 days

I was only 5 days before the deadline with a hope that the footage that I shot can be useful in post-production. I used Adobe Aftereffect to create the music video as I feel more confident to use than Premiere Pro. The time is short so I don't have time to learn new software. I had the confidence to finish editing in three days and the less I need to send it to the client to get the video checked which could take me about 1-2 days.

Editing Process

After filming section done, I had in total 68 videos which some of them are retaken more than one which need to choose the best one. For the composition setting, I used width 1920px and height 1080px for which is the same video setting on my camera as well as the frame rate which is 23.976. Full resolution for best video quality and 2:20 for the duration of the song. First, I viewed the footage and perform a rough cut by laying down all the main shot that communicate the story onto the timeline. Then trim off any unwanted section of the video. At this point, I should have better flow on the story and ready to second editing.

On the second edit, I cutaway shots that do not need to be in the video to make lyrics flow together with the video matching with the storyboard. Using 'Proportional Grid' to help position the scene.

Colour grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of film. In my video, I used the effect called 'Levels' and 'Colour Balance'. Using these effect help the correct the color and increase the white balance in the video. In my first thought, I want to grading the video into cinematic type but it would make the video really dark so I adjust the white balance up. For Levels, I love to play with Red and Blue channel which help adjust the sky colour and green colour from the sign.

If you see the video at the beginning, I had put the credit and studio label there because I saw many other music videos do that nowadays which is better put it at the end. The font that I used called 'Futura Medium' and 'Futura(light)'. There is an effect that used in this credit called 'Linear Wipe' which make the text and logo appear from top left to bottom right by adjusting the 'Wipe Angle' in effect control.

Overall, the post-production finished right two days before the deadline and it was sent to my client by email and waiting for feedback or what part should I improve. The video format is in 'mp4' because it is a format that can use in most of the computer.


The first version of music video was sent two days before Multi-Media Art Exhibition open. At that point, I thought the video should be fine and my client would be happy with the result. However, there is one scene which the studio concerned about copyright-issue. The part I am talking about is when the lyric goes "But that’s OK because ‘The Bake Off’ has reached its final round”. I put the random 'Bake Off' footage from YouTube in the video without thinking about copyright which might be resulting in the company and myself a lot of problems. The solution was that I cutaway that clip and input a footage that I shoot in the bakery shop at high street. The footage fit the lyric really well and my client was fine with the change.

One comment from YouTube. Thanks 'Mystery Ezekude'.


Overall, I really enjoy this project. Even though the deadline was very short which make me felt like I could not be able to do it. However, with good time management, I was able to past through it. There is one thing I could not forget which is about using copyright-issue in the video. In the future project, I need to check video outside my work is the copyright or not. If it is, I need to talk to the owner and ask if I could use it or do I need to pay any commission to use it. After this, I want to do more video production which helps me to improve the videography skill and software.



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This is the CV that I create for my future career which I will be update it very semester of the university. Click here to have a look at my CV